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Hair Colour and Treatments


If you've been itching to change your look, do something bold, bright and beautiful... 


Or perhaps you want to create a few gentle high and low lights to create some interest... 


Look no further than our experienced stylists and talk through the options carefully with you and together you can create the style you are looking for. 

We can offer you permanent and semi-permanent colour options. Ombre, high and low lights, grey coverage and Meche colour half or full head coverage. 

Please see our price list for more details. 

Your brand new look may come with a little bit more maintenance than usual, our stylists will be happy to offer tips and deep moisturising treatments to help your tresses look their best in between salon visits.  



nxt permanent hair colour.jpg

​ROOT perfect Hair concealer Spray 75ml

  • Root perfect Concealer Spray instantly covers root growth and grey hair

  • A quick and easy solution to maintaining your look, without the need for frequent colouring

  • Easy and convenient to use anytime, anywhere

NXT Generation permanent hair colour


NXT permanent hair colours come in a comprehensive colour chart of 101 inter-mixable shades, giving you the freedom and versatility to cater for everyone's tastes and styles.

ROOT perfect Hair concealer Spray 75ml
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